Fear NOT! is a weekly comedy news podcast inspired by the work of bestselling author, sociologist, and the world’s foremost expert on fear and fear mongering, Dr. Barry Glassner. Hosted by Barry and comedian Alonzo Bodden (Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, Last Comic Standing) Fear NOT! uses research and an abundance of humor to debunk the fake news, exaggerations, and overstated headlines we hear and read every day. Every week, we try to cover all of the viral news stories that have us cowering under the covers, and then Barry drops one truly dangerous thing he thinks we missed in all of the clutter. No need to fear…FEAR Not! is here.

Barry Glassner’s best selling book, The Culture of Fear, was not only the inspiration for this podcast, it was also an inspiration for Michael Moore’s Oscar winning documentary, Bowling for Columbine. If you haven’t read it, click here…you’ll sleep better at night.